The Jack Pribaz Foundation, also known as Jack’s Army, was founded in the name of Jack Pribaz, a boy who suffers from epilepsy caused by an extremely rare genetic mutation. The foundation is headquartered in Winfield, IL, and has been in existence since January 2012, a few weeks shy of Jack’s third birthday.

The Jack Pribaz Foundation was established to find a cure for KCNQ2 encephalopathy. However, Jack’s earliest diagnosis was simply “epilepsy,” because he has suffered from seizures since birth. His doctors were eventually able to narrow down his condition to a mutation of the KCNQ2 gene. Therefore, the Jack Pribaz Foundation exists to help fund research on this specific gene and ultimately to assist the medical world in understanding the underlying causes of epilepsy. Jack’s family has worked with the Epilepsy Foundation in the past and hopes to continue that relationship professionally through the foundation.

It is important to note that all funds raised by the Jack Pribaz Foundation, excluding expenses for required corporate filings with the state and federal government, go directly to support the goals of the foundation. Absolutely no money goes to Jack or his family.  All of the Board of Directors are volunteers who donate their time to this important work. The Board has emphasized keeping administrative costs to the absolute minimum, maximizing the dollar amount available to fund research. It is our hope that we will one day find a cure for Jack’s condition and hopefully unlock the mysteries of epilepsy.


# Cheryl Bell 2019-04-05 07:09
My son of 13 received his diagnosis yesterday. I have so many question as we haven’t even met with the geneticist yet to receive information about KCNQ2. Where should I start looking?
# Weldon Hatchett 2019-05-24 16:55
Bookmarked, thank you so much!